jenny lo - Oollo tea

11 AM

Owner Jenny Lo of Oollo Tea will be speaking on the wild tea farms in the mountains of Alishan in Taiwan that she visited this year and speak on making tea from start to finish. 

lily fawn - Earth's Herbals

12 PM

"Gone Wild" hosted by owner Lily Fawn of Earth's Herbals will be a seminar on harvesting from the wild, processing and sharing about making wild tisanes. 

jared nyberg - jagasilk

1 PM


Owner Jared Nyberg of JagaSilk will host a discussion on him and his wife Miyuki's efforts in 2016 to connect farmers with one another to take small scale organic tea production and turn it into tencha and subsequent maccha production by a farmer who had never made maccha before.

o5 Tea

2 PM

Attendees will be taken through a look at ancient Chinese tea culture from 1500 years ago via ancient scripts by a PhD.